Cattery Tutsi established in 2005 by registering to FIFe as Fi*Tutsi. Starting from 2016 we belong only to the World Cat Federation system (WCF) and our cattery has officially named as Tutsi's.

Our first Sphynx cat Justiina came to us already in 2003. This turtle colored, exotic cat simply captured our hearts. She also succeeded brilliantly in different cat shows and exhibitions. Justiina gave birth to her first kittens when she was 2 years old. Little by little, over time our cat family became larger, and so we became Sphynx breeders.


All our cats are living with us at home and they all are very beloved. Because each cat in our family has its own unique personality, sometimes a small power struggle occurs in the cattery, but most of the time we have a very calm and warm atmosphere.

We raise healthy, sweet and loving cats who keep us company daily.

Our cats are vaccinated and marked with a microchip. Tutsi's is an HCM tested, FeLV and FIV negative cattery.


For breeding  we use mostly our males, and do no interbreed. We are commited to maintaining healthy blood lines.


The kittens of Tutsi Sphynx Cattery have splendidly succeeded in several cat shows and exhibitions.


The kittens are occasionally also available for sale to the most loving, responsible and caring homes.


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